Almost Done

I survived the Saturday afternoon event doing a Santa Clause stint at a Chinese Mall and teaching a line dance. Then Sunday morning a four hour presentation involving independent examinations. Now, once I get past a hearing on Wednesday, I have to finish a chapter on Legal Issues in the Alternative Treatment of Cancer. Deadline is Saturday and the clock is ticking. Interesting thing about "pressure" -- when you think about it - most machines and people work under great pressure -- ie. water pressure, oil pressure, work pressure!


With respect to the continuing saga of the bump on the head -- actually it was a "huge" cut to my forehead. Since I concluded that there is nobody to sue -- I am now blaming the entire event on the full moon. However, I have learned another example of the difference between being a pessimist and being an optimist.

In this case, a pessimist would say that the bandaid on my forehead is indicative of an injury. An optimist would call it a bullseye!

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My second article in Dynamic Chiropractic Canada has been posted -- find the link set out below. Not quite as irreverent (as compared to irrelevant) as the first -- I must be mellowing.

By the by, I made the mistake of getting bopped on the noggin yesterday -- once the bleeding stops I should be fine -- but I mentioned to someone that I might be considered an invalid and he proceeded to remind me that the term might be appropriate for me if you change the emphasis on certain letters in the word "invalid" and then change the translation to "null and void" as in "invalid". You figure it out -- my head hurts!!!


So I did the dancing and awaited the results. Since it was a Pro-Am Tournament all the old adages apply --ie. "no pain, no gain" and all of the other wonderful sayings including reminding participants of sportsmanship; and it is not whether you win or lose it is how you play the game, etc., etc. I got the results -- 34 dances - 34 first place standings. (there were about 320 dance competitions from 9:45 am to 5:00 pm) I have asked for a recount and I am very nervous that since I had to use a vicks inhaler for my sinuses that there could be a request for drug testing. Seems that some people are questioning the sanity of the judges.

I am continuing to decorate Santa's sleigh for next weeks charity event. Pics to follow.

Have a great day.


You just never know where life will take you. One of the lessons that I have learned is that you do not try and swim upstream in a torrential current -- you will just waste a lot of energy, time and enjoyment. Going with the flow can be a lot of fun. However, that statement should not be interpreted to mean that you should not take the road less travelled. Just hop on the bus and see the world.

In June, 2007 I started my wife (and me) on ballroom dance lessons (Arthur Murray - Thornhill School no less) as an anniversary gift. She has excelled and I have just started to untangle by two left feet. I have also just started to be able to count the beats of a song and just about know when to start dancing. ;-)

This past weekend I participated in a Pro-Am Competition at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Thirty-four dances comprising (believe it or not) the waltz, tango, fox trot, rhumba, salsa, merangie, swing, cha cha, samba, and hustle. I didn't step on anyone's toes and I didn't fall on my face.

So, I climbed (or crawled) up the hill and got to the top. It was fun and an accomplishment that I would not even have thought about two years ago. I was not swimming upstream and I was not following the crowd -- I merely got on the right bicycle, peddled like the dickens, sweated and worked and went for a great ride!

My advice of the day -- pick a journey and go for the ride -- it will not always be easy but at the end of the journey the view from the hill is fabulous.