nov 23

It is not as if I don't like to post. It is like talking to yourself and since that is something I can't do because I keep getting into an argument with myself and then I don't talk to myself for days. So I will stick to posting or at least thinking about posting.

Went to Las Vegas for four days with my wife and two friends. It is a great place to visit if you want 4 days away from reality without sitting in the sun.

My youngest son turned 26 today. Maybe that is why I have grey hair or almost no hair. But it appears that i survived the ordeal.

For those waiting for me to fulfill my promise, I am copying the convention presentation (sans music unfortunately) for delivery. Should be done by the weekend.

stay well

nov 17

After getting ready to resume a life of normality -- I am making a detour and heading off for four days of intense rehab -- actually not rehab -- more a religious retreat -- actually not a religious retreat -- it is a trip to Las Vegas -- but same difference.

A much needed respit -- in the last four weeks, I had to deal with receiving an Honourary Membership in the Canadian Chiropractic Association; receiving a formal thank you at an event by the Grand Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Ontario (for the fund raising related to Tim Horton cards for the Military)-- it took them almost 6 months to catch me; and then the fire side chat last Thursday to the CCA convention. All sounds great but I would like to return to my underground bunker.

So now I need a few days to figure out what new mischief I can get involved in -- I am already formulatng some ideas. (bad to the bone)


I think I have survived. I will not quite know until next Tuesday morning -- but so far the prognosis it good.

What did I survive from?

The last month or so.

About ten months ago I was asked if I would do the opening for the Canadian Chiropractic Convention in Toronto this last weekend. Ten months ago it sounded like a good idea. Something like buying a large ticket item with no money down payable in a year. Well eventually the rooster comes back to the hen house. So was it for me the last month.

Since anything worth doing is worth overdoing by at least three or four times -- I spent what would be conservatively guessed to be about 20 to 30 hours to create a 40 minute fire side chat -- inclusive of a video and audio show. Good thing I was not being paid for the work!!!

I did it, presented it and it is now over and done. As part of the project I went through over 35 boxes of material and discarded and shredded 29 boxes of material going back to the mid 1970's. My staff is happy and I am going through withdrawal.

One of the letters I came across was from Dr. Ian Coulter, President of CMCC in 1983 advising me to learn how to say "no". That is a piece of advice that I have unfortunately never learned to adopt.

So now I am back at my first day of continual work in three to four weeks. I am sad that at least two of my clients have not forgiven me and have gone elsewhere for legal work. I guess that is the price to be paid -- I am only sad that they had to go through that process.

But I am slightly rejuvenated - still in need of chiropractic care for the tension and ready to rock and roll.

And lastly, I would sure like to know who it was who had to hit by blogsite over 40 times in one day! wow -- hope it was helpful.

be well