A Nice Walk

The story will arrive soon  --  in the meantime the pics can do.

Another Drop in the Bucket

As the bucket list goes  -- it grows but so do the adventures that are placed in the bucket.

I have just finished the Open Water Scuba Dive portion of my scuba training.  I am now a certified (and still certifiable) scuba diver.  What a hoot!  The training and adventure were amazing and like most things that I get myself involved in there is always an added "kick" to the story.

The 4 dives that constitute the open water training took place on Saturday and Sunday at Confederation Park in Barrie.  Saturday morning was particularly invigorating with a major downpour and 15 degree weather.  I suppose you could say - big deal since we were going to get wet anyway -- but it does make a difference when everything around you, clothes, papers, food etc is soaken wet and downright cold.  But then the upside is that the water looks inviting.  One scuba school actually cancelled its class.

Anyway, after an orientation session, we geared up - I now have the experience of what women go through in putting on certain clothing -- when I had to put on the wet suit; boots, hood and gloves.  By the time I had my 24 lb. weight belt and BCD on I was just about exhausted.  We then had to walk about 40 feet to the shore and into the water at which time we put on the fins (I kept calling them flippers - but that just shows how old I really am.) 

The testing was organized and would go well if it wasn't for the fact that I now had to come to grips with a realization that probably existed for decades  --  I have a waist - what I don't have is hips!!  Which means the weight belt will not stay up.  It sounds funny.  It ain't.  By the time I had completed the first test (satisfactorily) I left the water and was ready to call it quits.

The 3 diving instructors then had to consider how to deal with the issue of how to keep the weights on me so that I would be able to descend into the water - and yet be able to get rid of the weights in a split second if necessary.  They were quite imaginative and by the time they were done I was wearing two sashes with the weight belt resting on the sashes.  All was well and I was now a relatively happy camper (or diver).

For the next two dives, the sky would look as if it was clearing and then the rain got worse.  The visibility in the water was about a maximum of 12 inches.  Really freaky.  But all went well and by 3 p.m. I was on my way home, tired, water logged and not hearing very much.

Sunday looked promising.  The weather was sunny.  However, as soon as I stepped out of the car at the park it started raining for about 30 seconds.  Definitely someone was laughing at us!

The last of the 4 dives went quickly.  We were all certified - 6 guys; 2 gals; ages from the young lady who was about 12 years old to the 63 year old motorcyclist; sky diver; etc.

But the best was yet to come.  One of the instructors stayed behind to take 7 of us on our first additional dive.  An excursion to a sunken barge 29 feet deep.  It was a 30 minute dive and was fantastic.  Beautiful views (about 5 or 6 feet of visibility) and lots of fish.  It was amazing to stop and look at a fish who just simply looked back at me.  It was as if we were communicating.  

So thank you to Liam, Dan and Alan (with one L) ( all of Scuba2000 in Richmond Hill) who took us on the dive and emphasized all that is important to remember about diving. I can't say enough good things about Scuba2000.  They are a class act!!

So, I have now done -   earth (motorcycling); air (sky diving) and water (scuba diving).  After I finish the Edgewalk at the CN Tower shortly, I am looking forward to the next adventure.  I am going to again meet up with Alan (with one L) since he is also a ski instructor.  Judy and I have never downhilled skied - and it is about time we find out what it is all about.  I suppose I should tell Judy that Alan (with one L) is also a pilot but she may not be very happy about that.

be well -- and my MD says that my full hearing should be restored within a few days    ;-)))))