October 25th

So am I lazy or just not interested.   Neither, I am just busy with other things which may or may not be as important. 

I am still here.   I get asked (as a senior citiizen) if I am retiring.  My response is:   "Lawyers don't retire, we just lose our appeal."

Anyway, I am also still writing and lecturing.  The latest presentation was on issues involved in chiropractic and medical legal reports.  It was a power point presentation with a paper presentation.  I did my usual fast talking  - at about 200 words a minute - which is pretty fast -- in order to finish within 90 minutes.   If you want a copy of the paper just send me a note  -- reply to this blog or send me a note at allan@amf-law.ca.

There are still dozens of issues involved in health care law and basic risk management which I can comment on -- actually I can comment on anything whether I know anything or not  -- that is the best part of the internet.

So for today -- over and out.

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